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Connecticut Bus Accident Legal Team

Eagan & Donohue has handled numerous wrongful death matters and injury claims caused by accidents involving private and commercial bus transit.

Buses serve an important purpose in the infrastructure of many communities throughout the country and here in Connecticut.  They help many people get to work, to school, or to events around our state.  Even though many people have positive experiences on buses, however, they are not immune from accidents.  Because buses do not typically have as many safety features as cars and trucks have, bus accidents often lead to more severe injuries than those arising from other motor vehicles.  If you have been injured in a bus accident, do not hesitate to contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

Bus Accident Statistics

According to federal government data, large truck and bus crashes causing injuries and fatalities generally rose each year between 2010 and 2020.  In fact, the average number per year of these crashes that caused injuries within the 2011-2020 period increased by about 15,000 crashes compared to the 2000-2010 period.  Research has shown that many crashes of this type result from driver error with others being attributable to vehicle issues or other factors.

Our firm recognizes that behind each bus injury statistic is a person who may have sustained painful injuries, and who needs an attorney who treats them with the utmost sensitivity and care while advocating strongly for their interests.

A bus accident victim may sustain, for example:

  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Burns
  • Brain injuries
  • Spine injuries
  • Internal injuries

Unfortunately, children are often the victims of bus accidents because they are more likely to ride in a school bus multiple times a day as compared to adults.  While some adults take the bus every day to work, children are more susceptible to injuries due to their age and lack of awareness of their surroundings.  An adult may perceive an accident before it occurs or take the necessary precautions, while children are more prone to walk around the bus or hang off the edges of their seats.

If you have been injured in a bus accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries from the bus company, including for your medical expenses and lost wages as well as for your pain and suffering.

Eagan & Donohue | West Hartford, Connecticut Personal Injury Legal Team

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident, do not hesitate to contact Eagan & Donohue.  Our attorneys have years of experience in handling all types of motor vehicle accidents and take special care in handling bus accidents, as they often involve severe injuries which occur as the result of a lack of seatbelts and airbags.

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