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Connecticut Residential Real Estate Transaction Lawyers

The real estate transaction lawyers at Eagan & Donohue have provided support to an enormous array of buyers and sellers conducting real estate transactions in the residential setting. We have handled thousands of transactions efficiently and effectively to achieve what is in the best interest for our clients.

The real estate transaction lawyers at Eagan & Donohue meticulously walk through the steps of the transaction with the buyers and sellers to protect the interests of the client. Beginning with the offer and t through the closing, our clients are kept up-to-date and well informed with regards to the process and understanding of the transaction.

The real estate transaction lawyers at Eagan & Donohue provide buyers and lenders with full services. so that an additional attorney for the bank, and the additional fee are not required. The firm assists lenders in connection with the closing by obtaining and reviewing a title search, providing the lender title insurance, preparing the Closing Disclosure settlement statement, reviewing lender documents receiving and paying funds, recording the new deed and mortgage. For sellers, the real estate transaction lawyers coordinate with the buyer’s attorney, review the title search, prepare all seller documents, order payoff statements and payoff mortgages

The real estate transaction lawyers at Eagan & Donohue prepare all of the documents necessary for the closing. The firm resolves any differences that may arise from the final walkthrough inspection and in the Closing Disclosure settlement statement.  Once all issues are resolved, the documents and funds are exchanged, and ownership is transferred.

The real estate lawyers at Eagan & Donohue handle real estate matters involving:




Residential Real Estate Transactions

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Developments & Construction Projects