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Representing Sellers of Connecticut Real Estate

The real estate legal team at Eagan & Donohue knows that selling your home can be a complicated undertaking if the proper steps are not taken.  When it comes to the process of selling a house or selling land there is a lot of money on the line, which can be overwhelming for the seller.  With Eagan & Donohue’s reasonable closing costs and so much at stake, acquiring the help of our real estate legal team is essential to a successful closing.

We offer guidance from the initial stages of the offer and home inspection.  The inspection may alert the seller to necessary repairs or to the need for zoning approval.  In this event, the seller may successfully seek to negotiate adjustments with the buyer.

Our team prepares all of the documents necessary for the sale of the property and makes sure everything is in proper order.  The successful transference of ownership in your property to a buyer is not our only goal—it is also a major goal of ours to create an easy, stress-free, and uncomplicated process for the client.

The real estate legal team at Eagan & Donohue handles real estate matters involving:



Mortgage Refinancing

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Development & Construction Projects