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Connecticut Criminal And DUI Lawyers

The criminal and DUI lawyers at Eagan & Donohue believe that every person deserves experienced, compassionate legal counsel. When the government arrests you, state and federal prosecutors have the resources to convince a jury that you are guilty. We are committed to defending your case and keeping you out of jail.

Not everyone who commits a crime is a bad person. Sometimes, a bad decision is made at the wrong time. That is precisely why we look for ways to minimize the effects of a criminal conviction by using, when possible:

  • Special Sessions (Community Court; Domestic Violence Docket; and Drug Intervention Program); and
  • Diversionary Programs (Accelerated Rehabilitation; Alcohol Education System; Drug Education Program; Family Violence Education; Community Service Labor Program; School Violence Prevention; Suspended Prosecution for Illegal Sale, Delivery, or Transfer of Pistols or Revolvers; Youthful Offender Program; Treatment of Drug or Alcohol Dependent Offenders in Lieu of Prosecution).

The criminal and dui lawyers at Eagan Donohue represent clients facing a wide range of charges including:

  • DUI/DWI and DMV cases, and other traffic cases;
  • Abuse cases such as assault and battery, spousal abuse, or child abuse;
  • Theft cases such as petty theft, embezzlement, and shoplifting;
  • White collar crimes such as tax fraud, embezzlement and other white collar crimes;
  • Juvenile law including underage drinking (minor in possession), drug-related offenses, vandalism, violence, and sex crime cases;
  • Sex Crimes involving allegations of child molestation or prostitution

If you have been, or are about to be charged with a criminal offense, contact the criminal and DUI lawyers at Eagan & Donohue immediately.