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Connecticut Probate Legal Team

Eagan & Donohue’s Connecticut probate legal team has been serving the probate and estate needs of individual clients for many years.  After the passing of a family member or a dear friend, we assist fiduciaries, executors, administrators, or others with the administration of the estate in probate court.

We understand that a loved one’s passing is one of the most difficult things a person can face.  We hope to make people’s lives easier during such trying times by providing the right legal guidance and services to resolve any issues they may encounter throughout the probate process.

Probate Administration

In order to distribute assets to heirs or beneficiaries, an estate must be opened in the appropriate probate court.  Connecticut probate courts have a specific process for this and have requirements for filings that each case must comply with prior to the distribution of assets.  Our legal team can assist with this process from start to finish, or serve as special litigation counsel in contested matters.

An appointed fiduciary (executor or administrator) often retains a lawyer to assist with the complexities of administration in probate court.  We offer our services to fiduciaries in charge of an estate, and also offer our services as the fiduciary, which can sometimes take the burden off of a person appointed to that role.

Our services may include initiating the probate matter, gathering information as to the assets for an inventory, as to debts and creditors for the return of claims, information for tax returns, and, ultimately, information to facilitate distribution.  We frequently work and coordinate with family accountants who have been involved in the financial matters over the years to efficiently move an estate through the probate process and navigate tax issues.

Probate Litigation

Eagan & Donohue is also often retained as litigation counsel by fiduciaries, beneficiaries, or creditors.  We assist with litigation aspects of probate administration to resolve claims against, or in favor of, the estate in the most efficient manner.  Eagan & Donohue prides itself on being a litigation law firm handling a large variety of complex litigation matters.

Our significant litigation experience allows us to quickly assess claims, identify the issues facing both sides, and better prepare us to negotiate beneficial settlements and facilitate agreements.  In the event a settlement agreement is not reached, we look forward to representing fiduciaries, beneficiaries, or creditors in probate court, in the Connecticut Superior Court, and in any subsequent appeal.

We also represent those seeking to challenge a will that they feel was inappropriately drafted and/or executed, those seeking to admit a will that they feel is appropriate, or those seeking to challenge, or defend, asset transfers made during a loved one’s lifetime.  The considerable litigation and trial court experience of our legal team is a significant asset to clients under these extreme circumstances.

Eagan & Donohue’s probate legal team recognizes that there are estates requiring different levels of attorney involvement, and that there are problems requiring unique approaches for a successful resolution.

We offer free initial consultations to determine how we may be able to help you, and we look forward to providing any assistance to you.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email, or to make an appointment to come in and visit.