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Connecticut Social Security Disability Legal Team

Social Security Disability

Our legal team at Eagan & Donohue has helped many of our clients receive Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits.  Social Security benefits are the light at the end of the tunnel after decades of work and thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money earmarked toward the overarching government fund.  However, Social Security does not only pertain to retirees, but is also set up to assist those who have received terrible injuries or have been subject to a long-lasting illness.  Social Security Disability requires a knowledgeable expert to assist you in navigating through the government red tape.

How Do I Apply for Disability?

At Eagan & Donohue, we assist our clients as they apply for Social Security Disability benefits.  The application for Social Security Disability can be completed either online, in person, by mail, or by phone.  However, without the proper guidance, your claim may be denied at the outset.  It is important to retain an attorney from the first steps so they will be on hand to guide you through your application and then through any hearing that may follow.  An experienced Social Security Disability attorney will understand what needs to be included on an application and the proper means to get this information and submit it.  The applications are never easy forms that can be filled out in one sitting, but require your medical history, all medical records relating to your injury or illness, information about your injury or illness, and personal information such as your employment history and education level.  The more information you can provide in the application, the better your chances are that it will be approved.  It is additionally important to continue to see a medical professional who can assess your current condition and determine whether or not you can return to work.

What is Included in Disability Benefits?

To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits you must have worked long enough to pay enough into Social Security taxes to cover monthly benefit payments.  Generally, this length of time ranges from 1.5 years of work at age 28 to 9.5 years of work by age 60.  There are specific timelines you must qualify to fall within regarding the number of years of work and your age, which should be carefully discussed with your attorney.

Disability payments are not only paid to the injured person, but to all minor children as well.  The payments may additionally be made to spouses.

Denial of Claims

Unfortunately, many Social Security Disability claims are denied from the outset, due to many factors, including the lack of crucial information.  It is therefore extremely important that you seek the guidance of an expert when filling out your application and submitting all of the relevant information.  The national rate of Social Security Disability application denial is extremely high, but this is largely due to the failure of many applicants to consult an expert prior to submitting their applications.

If your application is denied from the outset, do not despair.  A much higher success rate exists for hearings after an application denial that allows individuals to present their cases with the assistance of a representative.  Not only does this give you the opportunity to discuss your injury and illness in person, and the impact it has had on your daily life, but it also often requires you to hire a representative.

If you are in the process of applying for Social Security Disability, there is no need to navigate these waters on your own.  Eagan & Donohue’s legal team is knowledgeable in the area of Social Security Disability and will assist you in filing your claim as well as by representing you in any hearings.

Our goal is to get you the assistance you need as soon as possible.  Do not delay in contacting our office today for your initial free consultation.