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Connecticut Crosswalk Accident Legal Team

Eagan & Donohue’s crosswalk accident legal team has handled numerous wrongful death matters and injury claims involving accidents between motor vehicles and pedestrians within the crosswalk.

Crosswalk accidents unfortunately occur far more often than they should throughout our cities and towns.  Cities have slowly become more pedestrian friendly as updated pedestrian walkways have sprouted up and hundreds of people walk to work in the West Hartford area alone each day (compared to thousands who walk to work in larger metropolises).  However, crosswalk accidents still occur since motor vehicle drivers often do not look out for pedestrians crossing the street or are not aware of the relevant traffic laws relating to pedestrians.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of pedestrian fatalities continues to increase each year.  This is contrary to the decreasing trends for all other types of highway accidents.  In 2011, 4,432 deaths were reported nationwide, which was a slight increase in the number of pedestrians killed in 2010.  In 2011, nearly 70,000 pedestrians were injured, and out of this number, 11,000 were children age 14 and younger.

Crosswalks were put into place to put drivers on alert that pedestrians may be using this part of the street.  Car drivers often take crosswalks for granted and do not think twice about making a right turn into a new street without first checking to see if a pedestrian is crossing that street.  Pedestrians always have the right of way, and car drivers who hit a pedestrian or bicyclist can face criminal charges for their negligent driving actions.

While criminal convictions may serve to punish the negligent driver, they will still not get you back to the place you were if you were the injured pedestrian.  Therefore, you can seek further action in civil court by bringing a claim against the negligent driver for the amount of your medical bills, lost wages, loss of future earnings, and pain and suffering.  Pedestrian injuries are often quite severe and can require months and even years of rehabilitation to simply get a victim back to a normal way of life.  With the numbers of pedestrian injuries rising each year, it is clear that drivers are not taking notes on how to keep an eye out for pedestrians and bicyclists.  Civil actions will help to further punish negligent drivers and work to make an impact on other drivers nationwide.

Eagan & Donohue | West Hartford, Connecticut Personal Injury Legal Team

If you have been injured in a crosswalk accident, you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries you received from the accident.  Crosswalk accidents are often very severe since they typically involve a motor vehicle hitting either a pedestrian or a bicyclist, who has little protection against a vehicle weighing perhaps two tons or more.  Contact the experienced Connecticut crosswalk accident legal team at Eagan & Donohue to determine your best options in going forward with a claim against a negligent driver.