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Connecticut Dog Bite Legal Team

Eagan & Donohue’s Connecticut dog bite legal team has handled numerous matters involving injury claims as a result of pets with vicious tendencies and instances of attacking canines.

Dog bite injuries have become more prevalent in recent years as more and more dog owners do not take necessary precautions to discipline their dogs or keep dangerous dogs away from people and individuals.  American culture is very dog-friendly, and most people routinely think that each dog that approaches them is happy to see them.  Children unfortunately fall victim to dog bites and to dog attacks since they are often easy targets for dangerous dogs.  If you or a loved one has been a victim of a dog attack, you may be entitled to compensation from the dog’s owner for your injuries.

Dog Bites in Connecticut

Connecticut law provides that a dog’s owner will be liable for injuries caused by the dog to another person or another person’s property.  This is what is known as a strict liability statute, which means that the victim does not have to prove that the dog’s owner knew of the dog’s propensity for violence or was negligent in any other way.  Just the fact that the dog attacked or bit another person is enough to cause the dog’s owner to be liable for any resulting injuries.

However, as a victim of a dog bite you can also seek relief under other Connecticut negligence laws, although you must prove that the dog’s owner knew the dog had a propensity for violence.  This is often helpful for cases in which another person may be liable for allowing a dangerous dog on their property, such as a landlord who allowed a tenant with a dangerous dog to lease property.

Dog bites can quickly become quite severe depending on the age of the victim and the type of dog involved.  Injuries often include:

  • Broken bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Head injuries

Injuries can also include severe lacerations from bite marks and other deeply rooted injuries that occur based on the size of dog.  If you have been a victim of a dog bite attack, you should not be forced to pay for any resulting medical expenses or loss of income.

Eagan & Donohue | West Hartford, Connecticut Personal Injury Legal Team

If you were a victim of a dog bite, do not hesitate to contact the experienced Connecticut dog bite legal team at Eagan & Donohue.  Our Connecticut attorneys understand how devastating a dog bite can be, in more than just the physical injuries.  Emotional damage stemming from a dog bite injury can haunt a child for years to come and can lead to a permanent fear of dogs or of simply walking in their neighborhood.  Our team has years of experience in assisting our clients to receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries.  Contact our West Hartford office today for your initial free consultation.