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Connecticut Summer Camp Accident Legal Team

Eagan & Donohue has handled numerous injury claims involving summer camp accidents that resulted in harm and injury to children.

We send our children to summer camp each year not only so we can have some much needed alone adult time, but also so that our children can experience a different side of the world and make friends from around the country.  We do not expect our children to receive injuries due to accidents at their summer camps, but unfortunately it is difficult to predict accidents in any context.  We place our trust in camp counselors and in summer camp owners who assure us that our children will be adequately supervised and kept away from any danger.  However, if your child has been injured or even unfortunately killed in a summer camp accident, you are entitled to seek compensation for your child’s injuries.

Summer Camp Safety and Accidents

The Pediatrics Journal did a study in 2005, chronicling the incidence of summer camp accidents each year, and found that injuries and illnesses occur at a rate of 1.15 per every 1,000 campers.  This is a number that should work to ease the minds of parents who are thinking of whether to send their children to summer camp, but it still presents the risk that your child could be injured while they are at camp.

Many freak accidents leading to injuries occur at summer camps each year, often due to the rural setting of most summer camps and the inability to reach adequate healthcare professionals quickly.  Summer camps owe the same duty to your children that any other property owner owes to a guest on their property.  Summer camps have a duty to check the camp for any hidden dangers and must minimize any injuries that could happen.  When a summer camp fails to offer a safe place for your children and includes activities such as teaching kids to swim in a lake that is 20 feet deep, you have the potential to bring a claim against the camp if your child is injured.

Summer camps must also run extensive background checks on any staff members that they hire.  If your child is put at risk because their summer camp hired a person with a history of sexual assault or a person who had previously been convicted of other violent offenses, you have the ability to bring a claim against the summer camp.

Many children are injured each year at summer camps, and summer camps cannot always be aware of all of the dangers that subject children to injuries, especially when children have space to do their own activities each day.  However, these camps can and should work hard to provide children with safe environments in which to enjoy their summer vacations.

Eagan & Donohue | West Hartford, Connecticut Personal Injury Legal Team

If your child has been injured by a summer camp accident, you may be entitled to bring an action against the summer camp.  Contact the experienced Connecticut summer camp accident legal team at Eagan & Donohue to determine what rights you have to bring claims against the summer camp.  Your child should not be forced to go through life with a debilitating injury from summer camp that could have been easily avoided.  Contact our West Hartford office today for your initial free consultation.