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Connecticut Amputation Legal Team

Eagan & Donohue has handled numerous wrongful death matters and injury claims involving amputations.

Accidents occur every day within our country’s cities and towns, many of which involve large motor vehicles or other operating machinery.  However, we never begin our day anticipating an accident or the traumatic, lifelong effects that they can have.  Accidents leading to amputations are some of the most severe and traumatic accidents a person can face, and their consequences can profoundly impact many aspects of a person’s life and wellbeing.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an amputation accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Amputation Accidents

Amputation accidents unfortunately often occur in workplaces in which employees work with dangerous equipment.  These accidents are often the result of improperly maintained equipment or inexperience.  If an injury received from a machine at work or as the result of a car accident is severe enough, the body part affected may have to be amputated.  Sometimes the accident is so severe that an amputation is the result of the accident itself.  Severe injuries leading to amputations can also stem from motor vehicle accidents, which in turn are often due to negligent or distracted driving.

Despite the severity of these accidents and subsequent injuries, many go unreported to official federal statistics, and a study from Michigan State University indicated that the federal statistics are off by more than 50% in the incidence of work accident amputations.  As a result, amputation accidents are often not given the same level of attention by national accident organizations that other severe injuries are afforded.  However, amputation injuries unfortunately occur on a daily basis in a number of circumstances and should be recognized for the serious consequences that the accidents lead to.

If an amputation occurs due to negligence of another person, the negligent party can be held liable for any medical costs associated with the amputation injury, including medical expenses, lost wages, future earnings, and pain and suffering.

Eagan & Donohue | West Hartford, Connecticut Legal Advocacy for Amputation Cases

If you or a loved one have received an amputation injury due to the negligence of another person, do not hesitate to contact Eagan & Donohue for legal representation.  Our team has years of experience in handling amputation accident cases and understand that this involves more than just a minor injury, but a complete alteration to your way of life.  We will work tirelessly to create a strategy to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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