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Guard Dogs Can Pose Dangers to All Neighbors

The Connecticut dog bite lawyers at Eagan Donohue Attorneys at Law in West Hartford, Connecticut are experienced in handling matters related to injury claims as a result of the vicious, protective nature of guard dogs. Guard dogs can pose dangers to all neighbors. ¬†Even though the legal liability lies 100% with the owner of the dog, a dog attack can leave a victim with injuries similar to being involved in an auto accident. A dog bite attack victim can receive cuts and bruises over their entire body including face, and broken bones, head trauma and brain injuries from being attacked by a neighbor’s guard dog.

In order to keep yourself safe from potentially catastrophic injuries caused by guard dog attacks, you should be aware of the risks of living in a neighborhood where a person owns a large-breed guard dog. If you have been injured by a dog bite, call the Connecticut dog bite lawyers at Eagan Donohue Attorneys at Law for a free consultation.

What Breeds of Dog Constitute Guard Dogs?

Homeowners and apartment dwellers can own large dog breeds like Rottweilers, German Shepherds or Pit Bulls for security and protection. These dogs are bred to provide protection for their owners and are intimidating to a potential burglar or mugger, who would normally choose another person to rob or assault once the presence of the beast is realized. All it takes is a few thunderous barks or blood-curdling growls from a 100-plus lb. dog to send an intruder running for their dear life. In that respect, owning a large dog for security can provide an element of property insurance and can also be a life-saving decision to a person who lives alone. A potential problem can develop, however, when a dog is owned by a single person or a working couple when they go to work every day, and the dog is left unsupervised at home. Most doggie day care centers won’t accept the very large guard dog breeds and putting them there for 8-10 hours per day would, to a degree, defeat the purpose of owning one.

Dogs In The House

Homeowners may leave their guard dog in the house during the day when they are at work. Those that do run the risk that the dog can escape through an open door, or an open or broken window and attack neighbor children playing in the street or yard next door, not to mention the destruction that the dog will do to a person’s furnishings and personal items. If you have small children playing in the area and hear a dog barking, you may want to call your children in until you can discuss the situation with the dog’s owner.

Dogs Tied Up and Left Outside

Tying a guard dog up outside is a dangerous way to leave a dog when the owners are at work. Not only does this limit the dog’s ability to actually guard the premises, but also can put the lives of the neighbors and children playing in the neighborhood at risk should the chain break or the dog otherwise becomes untethered.

Fencing Your Back Yard or Entire Property

Leaving a dog in a fenced backyard can be a biting hazard if children approach the fence and attempt to pet the dog. A positive of leaving the dog in a fenced in backyard is that the dog should be in plain sight and will make neighbors and mail and package delivery people aware of the guard dog’s presence. The property owner should make sure that any gates are securely closed with strong locks, but those gates can be accidentally left open allowing the dog to escape and attack innocent people in the area. Also, a dog can jump or climb over a fence that is not high enough.

When it comes to living in a neighborhood where a person owns a large, vicious and potentially life-threatening guard dog, you need to be aware and plan accordingly. Even though the dog owner is 100% liability for injuries caused by the dog, that fact will not help a small child whose life has been ruined by the carelessness or recklessness of the dog’s owner.