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Why You Need A Living Will aka Health Care Proxy

Wills and Living Wills

Over the years a person accumulates assets and it is only natural that one’s thoughts gravitate towards making sure that our loved ones benefit from the fruits of our labors. No one wants to die and have the state decide how best to distribute your assets, often forcing their liquidation during untimely market conditions. Preparing a will is designed to carry out your wishes as to how to distribute your assets upon your death and is an obvious benefit to your loved ones after you have passed.

question-2003955_960_720 (1)In addition to providing for your wishes after you die, you might also want to consider drafting a “living will” that addresses certain critical medical issues before you die. A living will instructs medical personnel what to do in the event you are incapacitated, in a coma or a vegetative state due to any reason such as an auto accident, stroke or other condition or disease, and not able to instruct the doctors yourself. A Connecticut living will instructs doctors what to do and what not to do in terms of providing life-extending medical services. A commonly used life support machine is called a ventilator. This machine pushes air through the lungs for a person who cannot breathe on their own.

The instructions detailed in a living will are made with the interests of your loved ones in mind, those that will be affected the most by your incapacitation. As we get older our loved ones are usually adult children that have their own lives and we may not want to burden them with caring for a terminally ill vegetative parent.

If you are considering what to do in terms of extending your life on life support should the situation arise you should contact our law firm to go over the legal requirements to set up a living will. By using an attorney and not trying to file on your own you will benefit from the experience of our Eagan Donohue Attorneys at Law’s living will attorneys that have successfully set up and filed hundred of living wills in the past. Give us a call today.